Competition Rules

The task is to build and program a rescue robot which autonomously explores a maze and searches for simulated victims. A simulated victim is heated and color-coded. The robot should not find the fastest path through the maze, instead it should explore as much as possible of the maze.


  • The robot will get points for each victim found.
  • The robot should avoid areas with black floor.
  • If the robot is stuck in the maze it can be restarted at the last visited checkpoint.
  • If the robot can find its way back to the beginning after exploring the whole maze it will receive extra points.
  • The robot will also earn a reliability bonus (based on the number of required restarts)
  • There are also some obstacles where the robot can earn additional points.

The detailed rules can be found here.

The Robotics Challenge  info flyer can be found here.

Find the slides of the Kick-Off event here.